Luke Browne: Cubans Quarantine Not Necessary

Kingstown (One News St. Vincent) – Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Hon. Luke Brown said Friday, “it is not necessary” for members of the Cuban Medical brigade who arrived in the country yesterday to be quarantined.

The health minister said the members of the brigade, who are specialists in the control and management of infectious diseases “spent 14 days in quarantine in Cuba before embarking on the journey to St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

The health minister’s remarks come amidst concerns expressed by Vincentians on social media that the medical team which came wearing masks at the airport were not subject to quarantine.

The Cuban infectious disease specialists will also assist with the training of locals.

The Cuban medical brigade of 12 nurses and 4 doctors are expected to be in country for a period of 3 months, with the possibility of an extension.

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