Covid-19: Taiwan Ambassador To SVG Suggests Wearing Masks

Kingstown (ON SVG) – Taiwan’s Ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Calvin Ho has said that the wearing of masks “could be one of the reasons” that Covid-19 cases in Taiwan “are limited”.

Ambassador Ho was speaking in St. Vincent on Monday at a ceremony for handing over supplies from the Embassy of Taiwan to the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.

Ambassador Ho said “I don’t know if this can be applied here because in Taiwan, the general public actually wear masks very very often because of the special environment”.

People in Taiwan wearing masks. Photo:

“A lot of people riding motorcycles you know, so they don’t want to smell the pollution from up north or from some power plants, so, they have the habit to wear masks. So, that means when you see people on the street in Taiwan, they, most of them are not actually ill. They just wear it to ahh … even though some of them may be ill, they just do not want this disease to infect others”.

The Ambassador said he knows “it’s a different concept” in other countries where wearing masks is concerned since in “some other counties, they think that people” who “wear masks could be seriously ill so they need to wear masks”.

“But, I just share with you that in my country, this could be one of the reason that our cases are limited… it is something we could share with you” – Ambassador Ho said.

Of 1,002,159 cases confirmed worldwide as of April, 2, 2020, Taiwan, which is near China, the epicenter of the outbreak, only had 339 confirmed cases, 5 deaths and 50 released. Over 34, 557 people in Taiwan have been tested so far, according to Taiwan Centers For Disease Control.

Click here to watch Ambassador Ho’s Statement.

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