Jomo Under Fire For “Mind Jah Lick Dem With diseases” Article

Published on Sunday April 26, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this letter belong solely to the author, and not to One News SVG.

Opinion By: Rohan Charles

Now, I have always said I like Jomo Sanga Thomas and have no problem with him being critical of the government and support his advocacy as every society needs people who are independent thinkers etc.

I have also said I don’t see him as a person to be part of a political party especially the executive or candidate.

Because though in the party you need independent thinkers and people who are critical thinkers and have their own vision and ideas there must be a bigger picture where you won’t always get what you want and when you don’t get what you want the party can’t feel that they will be held to ransom.

That you may switch sides, your colleagues should feel comfortable knowing we can disagree but you won’t try pull the rug from under them.

As stated earlier Jomo had my support as an advocate etc in that I believe he kept most his discourse honest. However his latest article has taken him down to a new low and I am so disappointed.

Mind you when the Prime Minister requested the song I thought it was a bad idea as I know the level of politics that’s present in our society. I know the NDP spin doctors will spin it to suit them.

We just have to look back at Patel’s distortion to the Prime Minister’s mango metaphor, then his speech on heroes day making a clip with part of what he said the the recent Grenada fiasco leaving out the organized and structured part to now this.

While I expected that from the NDP and it’s activists I never thought that Jomo will go this low. Mind you I am no intellectual heavy weight nor do I have a masters in communication so language and the use of words may fly over my head as I only hold a first degree in the Social Sciences field.

However, I am at a lost to see the equivalent of Ms. King’s wishing a tsunami washing the airport away to the Prime Minister’s asking for the song “Mind Jah lick dem with diseases”.

Firstly, we have to go back to the original meaning of the song and the intent of the writers and singers. Where they wishing all sorts of diseases on the Jamaican ladies or ladies of the world?

I say no!! We know in biblical times when the Israelites strayed sometimes prophets were sent to warn them and say stop or this plague, war and captivity might be the result.

The singers were sounding the alarm we see certain things not going right and Jah might not like it and punish you.

Now we deal with Ms King and the Prime Minister. Ms King said “I wish” the Prime Minister said “mind” one clearly is a wish, a desire, asking for, hoping for, the other is a caution saying we still have time we still have hope.

Let’s do what is needed such as social distancing, washing hands, wearing mask, not touching faces, sanitizing etc and you may not catch Covid.

Therefore, I have no other option but to believe this was intellectual dishonesty. This is the distortion of facts and what was said for political purposes.

I think there are more than enough for Mr Thomas to be critical of the Prime Minister and the government without him losing his credibility as an advocate.

I am hoping you will see this as an honest critique of your latest article.

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  1. This ridiculous.Jomo did due diligence with his article by calling them out.He did mention everything but he mentioned enough for his publication.Jomo still have my respect although he’s still too soft in my opinion.


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