Park Hill man says police don’t know why they came to arrest him

By Ashecia Sam. Updated 7:57 p.m., Monday, May 18, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Mr. Kenson King

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – A resident of Park Hill has posted on Facebook that police came to arrest him and the officers said they didn’t know why.

Social media commentator, Kenson King posted on his Facebook page on Monday (May 18), “So I have had a very interesting morning. Just got home from work and the police show up at my gate. They have come to place me under arrest. I had to do a double take. Like, what crime did i commit?”.

“Out of the five officers who came, none could give me an answer. All they know is that the CID wants me. They proceed to make a call to find out why i am being arrested. The answer that came back was even worse. I am being arrested for breaking ” various sections of the Cyber crime act”” – King’s post added.

King stated that he asked what sections of the Cybercrime Act he was being arrested for breaching, to which he said the police did not have a proper answer.

“I then proceed to ask what section or sections. Nobody knows. There was then an exchange with my lawyers. Waiting to see what happens next”.

Something deeper?

King stated that “All this after a post I made about my uncle and his guns, and alleged interference in the matter that led to him getting them back according to him. I have been hunted since friday. This should be interesting”.

One News SVG contacted Mr. King and asked him about the authenticity of the post. King confirmed that the event happened.

One News SVG also conducted a search through Mr. Kings profile and found a post suggesting that there is an ongoing debacle between Mr. King and his uncle.

The contents of the post including claims have not been verified by One News SVG because efforts efforts to reach the subject of the post have been futile.

One News SVG tried to contact the Colonarie Police station on Monday, on three occasions but the phone rang out each time.

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