Hate-driven NDP supporters could keep ULP in Power

The views expressed in this opinion piece are solely those of the writer and not of One News SVG.

OPINION: Dr. Godwin Friday, the leader of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), tries to come across as a voice of reason.

He tries to avoid expressing dogmatic positions and tries to bring balance to situations.

The online behaviour of some supporters of his party, however, make him look like a mild sheep subject to the control of vicious, and out of control wolves.

It seems like the worst of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), controls the narrative of the party in online spaces such as Facebook and Twitter.

Vicious, hate-driven, slanderous and simply vile NDP supporters online silence the voices and presence of other online NDP supporters who have what it takes to make independent voters and ambivalent ULP supporters consider the NDP as a viable alternative to the ULP.

This writer has seen, repeatedly, the lost opportunities of the NDP on some issues to secure common ground, simply because the narrative was arrested, injected with the venom of hate for the Prime Minister and the ULP and flung into the rhetorical battlefields of extremism.

This writer has seen vicious partisan attacks exchanged between members of both the NDP and the ULP online but nothing as vicious as the personal attacks on people for their opinions like those seen from some people who identify themselves with the NDP.

If the NDP leadership does not find a way to separate itself from online supporters who operate like viruses on the internet that accost people with darts of hate, the party will continue to push away the people it needs to break the 50% popular vote mark, and the requisite votes among swing voters to gain enough seats to secure a general election victory.

Some of these NDP supporters have continuously accused people on the other side of blocking free speech.

There is, however, no group of people as tyrannical as some online supporters of the NDP who are masters at online manipulation and ad hominems and who viciously attack anyone who goes against them.

Those same NDP supporters play the fear card but there is nothing that arouses more fear and concern in the minds of independent voters than to think that some of those hate-driven people could be the next people the leadership of the NDP will give positions of authority if they win the next general elections.

Dr. Friday, this writer is urging you to take control of your party’s narrative from these cyberbullies and antagonists, even if it means disassociating yourself from some of these people or their online actions completely.

Losing such persons early will be a huge win for you. Keeping them and allowing them to arrest your party’s narrative and brand personality will be a significant loss, again.

This is so, especially since on policies, the ULP has enough good ones to win an election on policy.

An independent voter

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