Jerry never reappeared after 3 minutes in this morning’s program

By Demion McTair. Updated 11:01 a.m., Tuesday, August 4, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – Mystery surrounds the passing of media and communication practitioner Jerry George.

George hosted the Tuesday edition of his early Early in the Morning with Jerry S. George program dubbed “Thoughtful Tuesday”.

He invited journalist Beverly Sinclair to host this morning’s edition (August 2020) of the program and said he was going to “step out of the frame”.

This was about 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the online program which is streamed on Facebook, after he did his usual introductions in a cheerful way.

Then at about 29 minutes and 30 seconds, the guest-host was finished telling her story and requested George to come back on the feed. George did not reappear.

The guest-host Sinclair continued until she eventually wrapped up the program at 45 minutes and 27 seconds.

After she left the live, the rest of the stream was left with dead air.

It later emerged that George had passed suddenly.

His wife posted on Facebook that she found him dead at around 7:20 a.m.

A screenshot of the Facebook post made by Mr. George’s wife. This is a 8:56 p.m. update to the original story published on One News SVG.

Mr. George was Public Relations Manager for Digicel in the Eastern Caribbean for a number of years.

He was a vocal social and political commentator.

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