Weekly report on events in Venezuela

Press release by the Embassy of Venezuela

Venezuela proposes creating a fund against the blockade under the United Nations system

Sectoral Vice President of Planning of Venezuela, Ricardo Menéndez, spoke this Tuesday at the XXXV session of the Permanent Council of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) held online. In his remarks, he explained the importance of opening a public resources fund from the United Nations to help economically blocked countries.

Furthermore, we urge the strengthening of policies and financing funds oriented to the relocation of productive chains, the local economy and new productive actors, as well as the creation of free technology banks for productive processes and universal processes of education and training. ”

Venezuelan President announces creation of national anti-drug agency

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that in the upcoming week, he will be creating the National Anti-Drug Superintendence, in order to deepen the confrontation with drug trafficking, mostly from Colombia. “Next week I will proceed to found the National Anti-Drug Superintendence to give a higher, institutional, civic-military-police level to the fight against drugs,” said the President, who stressed that the agency assumed the coordination and strategic fight against this scourge

Foreign Minister Arreaza: Trump intends to extend coup planes

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza declared that the United States Government intends to lengthen the failed coup planes against his country. “Since 2019 Abrams and his combo have developed an illegal coup strategy and a criminal blockade against Venezuela. Today the hawks are on their way out, in the terminal phase. They intend to extend their dying and failed planes beyond January 5th, 2021. A decadent paper empire, “said the Venezuelan Diplomat on his Twitter account.

Venezuela reaches agreement with PAHO to combat Covid-19

Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, reported on the signing of an agreement with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), to access resources and expands the requirements to combat Covid-19 in the South American country. “We have had the possibility of having 10 million dollars that are resources of the Venezuelan people, to serve our doctors, health personnel and Covid-19 patients,” said Delcy Rodríguez.

Venezuela declares appropriate extradition of Rafael Ramírez 

The Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela declared the request for the active extradition of Venezuelan citizen Rafael Darío Ramírez Carreño to Italy admissible, as reported by the high Court in a press release.

The statement, released this Monday, reports that Ramírez Cañedo is acting as a defendant in a criminal proceeding in Venezuela for the alleged commission of crimes of embezzlement, evasion of the bidding procedure and association, provided for in the current criminal legislation.

Venezuela recognizes the democratic will of the Guyanese people and congratulates the new Government of Guyana

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, on behalf of the Venezuelan people and Government, congratulates the people of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana after the electoral process that, after a prolonged period of recounting votes, resulted in the definitive results of the regional and general elections held on March 2nd, in which Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali was elected President.

Venezuela reiterates that it will deepen trade with Iran despite threats from the US

Vice Minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania of the Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Rubén Darío Molina, said that despite continuous threats from the United States Government, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to strengthen their trade and bilateral cooperation in all areas.

“Trade must be at the command of the human condition, at the command of the interests of each country but also at the command of how those interests are shared and how mechanisms are established that are totally legal at the level of international law,” he said. The Vice Minister, while stressing that Venezuela and Iran do not care what the US government thinks.

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