Payswif Smart Kiosk introduced in SVG

(press release)

Payswif, the first locally developed digital payment platform has done it again and has been making strides in the fintech industry here in St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Vincentians now have the chance to interact and accelerate their business with an international type product which was designed, programmed and implemented without any outside intervention.

This product can recharge Payswif accounts on demand, provide cash acceptance with New EC Bills support, print receipts, accept dual currency of USD/ECD, and is highly customisable to the needs of any business.

“We began work on our locally developed Payswif Smart Kiosk about a year ago and today we are proud to see the vision turned to reality. It wasn’t easy and at times seemed to be an impossible task however we prevailed with the support of family & friends and the great staff of Payswif”. Says CEO and founder Mr Jamal Glasgow.

What is a Kiosk you might ask? Well to put it simply; a kiosk is a hardware device that is customized to serve a customer, based on a particular need. Today Payswif users can recharge their payswif account using our first version located at our head office in the St. Hill Plaza, Kingstown. Later versions will allow additional features such as touch-less interactions and cash withdrawals.

Large businesses are adopting these technologies to help reduce lines and automate repetitive business operations. Some examples of KIOSK that are already being utilized in SVG can be found at Vinlec, FLow & Digicel. However these KIOSK were not built locally and can carry an expensive price tag.

Small businesses that want to adopt this technology to improve their business operations are unable to meet the high upfront cost of purchasing and importing such devices. Our plan is simple, build and develop locally made kiosk devices that can be affordable for any local businesses.

In photo a Payswif Smart Kiosk

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