Opinion: Barefaced Cummings calls for ULP apology over cemetery filming

Opinion: Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, here comes opposition MP Daniel Cummings calling on the ULP to apologize for a filming projection at a cemetery?

Isn’t this the same mister who actually bragged and boasted about stoning a church gathering?

Has he ever thought it fit to apologize to the churchgoers for the very evil incident?

What’s even worse is that the project wasn’t even a ULP project? I have to laugh.

An entertainer, who sought and got permission to film a scene in the Kingstown cemetery went ahead with his project but was caught up in a misunderstanding where the families were promised another grave hole but none was dug on the day their loved one was to be laid to rest.

The one hole, dug with permission for the filming, would then become the hole in question for the burial as well (when there was to be another hole dug).

Even though he followed procedures, that entertainer still came out and publicly apologized for any possible harm caused to those involved.

What hell is wrong with Cummings?

He should just take the next bus and get out of here with his hypocritical self!

By Mary J

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