Labour youth slapped off in Campden Park for t-shirt

By Admin. Updated 8:30 a.m., Monday, October 16, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

A screenshot from a video of a beaten Ben with a ripped ULP t-shirt.

Campden Park, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – A young man who carries the alias “Ben Ten” was assaulted yesterday at Campden Park after participating in a Unity Labour Party whistle-stop, One News SVG understands.

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The ULP South Leeward Constituency Council held a whistle stop where they moved from Campden Park to Vermont.

Ben, a known labour party supporter, participated in the Campden Park leg of the whistle-stop and was hanging out in the area.

One News SVG understands that a group of New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters were on the streets in the vicinity of the NDP’s South Leeward constituency office and they heckled Ben, ripping off a portion of his ULP t-shirt and slapping him multiple times in the face.

In a video obtained by One News, Ben was heard saying that one of the main culprits of the incident is someone who carries the name “Pussman”.

Ben is said to have grown up alone for much of his younger years and has no one to defend him. He has been subject to physical abuse from persons in the community.

Some persons in the community are calling for justice for him.

The incident comes days after a billboard with the ULP candidate, Mineva Glasgow was ripped down from its Campden Park location.

Campden Park remains an NDP stronghold but has had a steady and vocal minority support for the ULP.

The ULP stronghold in the South Leeward Constituency is the Rillan Hill/Vermont portion of the constituency.

Chauncey, Questelles, and Clare Valley are usually balanced in their support.

The November 5 poll in South Leeward is expected to be a matchup between the two-time incumbent Nigel Stephenson of the New Democratic Party, and First-timer and possibly the first female candidate to contest the seat – the ULP’s Dr. Mineva Glasgow.

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