By – Groove Governor 

November 5, 2020 saw Unity Labour Party (ULP) returned by the electorate to govern St. Vincent and the Grenadines for an unprecedented and historical fifth term in the Caribbean with Dr. the Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves as Prime Minister. The New Democratic Party (NDP) again has to face a fifth term in OPPOSITION!

The NDP are laying claim to having won the popular votes and are comparing the results to the 1998 elections where the ULP won the popular votes but lost the general elections. These results are NOT comparable and the NDP’s claims lack substance. If the NDP takes the time to review the records, they will see why the 1998 and 2020 elections are not comparable for the following reasons:

  1. The popular votes for the NDP 1998 were 23,258 and the ULP 28,025 a difference of 4,767. In 2020, NDP got 32,847 while the ULP got 32,353 a difference of 494. NDP please state how 4,767 in 1998 for the ULP is even comparable to your 494 in 2020. How does a 1.5% difference in popular votes make you a majority?
  • In 1998, the swing from the NDP was 9.5%, while in 2020 the swing from the ULP is 2.9%. Again UNCOMPARABLE!
  • In 1998, 45.4% of the votes were in favor of the NDP, the ULP garnered 54.6% a difference of 9.2%. In 2020, NDP 50.3%, ULP 49.6% of the votes a difference of 0.7%. NDP please! You obviously are not familiar with analyzing and interpreting statistics even while having a holder of a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Old Dominion University on your slate of candidates for the 2020 elections. To obtain any of these degrees, courses in Quantitive Methods and Statistics will have had to be taken.
  • In 1998, the NDP won the elections 8 seats to the ULP’s 7 seats. NDP lost 4 seats to the ULP in 1998. NDP you want to compare? Compare the ULP having not only won the 2020 elections for an historic fifth term but also gaining an additional seat … 9-6. Ponder on that!

NDP you claim victory, but victory is yours only in the Grenadines which again history shows has always been so. The mainland belongs to the ULP! Dr. Godwin Friday and James Fitz-Allen Mitchell can appoint themselves Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the Grenadines. This should fit well into the dreams of Sir James Fitz-Allen Mitchell who expressed his intent on making the Grenadines independent of mainland St. Vincent by drafting the GRENADINES DECLARATION 1980. Godwin Friday, notably from Bequia and leader of the NDP has never rebutted this, nor has he ever made clear his position on the matter. 


James Fitz-Allen Mitchell never withdrew the document which was dubbed ”the will of the people of the Grenadines.” We are quite able to hold our own on the mainland. No disrespect intended to our comrades in the Grenadines.

NDP you ran your 2020 election campaign as per usual on slander, personal attacks and gutter politics. Here is a comparison for you. Although you filled your supporters’ heads with the notion that the ULP had done nothing in nineteen years at the helm of our beloved nation, the ULP showcased their accomplishments over their tenure of nineteen years in government and also provided solid plans for the continued development of SVG. 

You the NDP, failed to offer the people concrete in depth plans as to why you should be the party for change and the party to move the country forward. Yet you touted change.

Change without a viable plan is not an option, and the electorate told you just that when they returned the ULP convincingly to office on November 5, 2020. While the NDP slept, dreamed and paraded like lunatics, the One Term Papa held on to the Championship Belt for five consecutive terms and became the Five Star General.

The Comrade, who is blessed with genuine love for the people has helped many attain feats which ordinarily would not have been possible for them. 

An ungrateful few after fulfilling their agenda have turned on the Comrade with venom and pure hate for the man who once held their hands, some from the doorsteps of jail and guided them to the point at which they were able to stand on their own and find their place in society. 

The self-proclaimed ‘Progressives’ are always quick to call persons who oppose their one-eyed views all sorts of names, or label them as singing for their supper because fair minded persons will not sit idly by and allow them to lead the nation down a selfish and destructive path. Those making the most noise have never done anything positive to date to uplift the life of another Vincentian brother or sister. 

Then there are individuals who have chosen to openly display their ingratitude all for the sake of feeling they were not duly rewarded. One has to be qualified and show ability to hold positions sought before such positions can be bestowed upon them. Ungratefulness is worse than inequity. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Advice to you is coil your tails, pack your bags and retreat. Take your additional five years in opposition to reflect and revamp your team with vibrant, knowledgeable and able candidates who genuinely care for the well being of SVG and its people; both young and old. Come back to the polls in 2025 with other than laughable reasons for change.

In the meanwhile, savour the 5 IN YO TAIL! 

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