Student beaten with steel by school gang, bone broken

By Admin. Updated 7:47 a.m., Sunday, November 29, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

A student of the Campden Park Secondary School (Bethel High School) was beaten by a gang of students until a bone in his face was broken.

A medical report done by two doctors states that the student’s injuries include a broken right cheekbone, head, hand, chest, and back injuries.

Persons close to the incident informed One News SVG that the incident occurred on Friday, November 27, 2020, at the school grounds at around noon.

The perpetrators are said to be students who are known to exhibit violent behaviors and who the Ministry of Education continues to allow to remain in school despite their violent behavior and despite opposition from teachers and other students.

One of the perpetrators was said to be in a fight with the school’s principal and cursed out the deputy. The students are also known for bullying other students and inflicting them with violence.

Friday’s incident with the beating of a male student was reported to the police who said they cannot make any arrests.


According to sources close to the incident, the student that was beaten (the victim) was upstairs the school, when he saw one of the perpetrators. He passed beside him. One of the perpetrators had some gummy worms. The victim asked the perpetrator for one of the gummy worms and took one.

The perpetrator said no, so the victim said ok, gave the gummy worm back to him, and walked off. The victim then went to pick up his tablet then received a lash on the left side of his face, knocking him to the ground. The perpetrator then jumped on the victim choking him until he was barely able to breathe. The victim managed to break the chokehold and attempted to hit back the perpetrator, when another student, also notorious, joined the perpetrator to hit the victim. Other students known to be part of the violent gang joined in beating the victim with a piece of steel. They attempted to throw the victim over the balcony onto the floor of the school’s auditorium, but other students and teachers intervened to save the victim.

One news is following the story and will bring more information as it comes to hand.


  1. This is rediculous ,how r the teachers and students suppose to feel safe when everyone is backing out from situation like this ? Big men should be out of school if they think they reach way dey going! How r they suppose to control these kids with such behaviour when u give them the right to act this way with no consequence? Something must be done to these kids with such behaviour!!!


  2. I strongly recommend that students who are guilty of inflicting bodily harm to other students be expelled from school, once it is proven that the victim did not first attempt to inflict such harm on the attackers. That is the policy the Ministry of Education implement. This is top class Monkey Motion. Get the guilty idiots out of school. They don’t belong in the Education system, whether or not they have relatives of high station.


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