Blame hotels, not government for high quarantine costs

Opinion: It was our first Prime Minister, Robert Milton Cato who said: “a half of bread is better than none at all”.

What better time to subscribe to this philosophy than during a pandemic when we’re all struggling and trying to be happy.

For some countries, the freedoms that we have in St. Vincent and the Grenadines during this pandemic don’t exist.

St. Vincent is open and good public health leadership and God’s grace are to be credited for that.

So, for Christ’s sake, why are some of our hotels and places of accommodation charging so much to their own local Vincentian people to quarantine.

If the government refused to lock down and is relying on you to keep its public health response to COVID-19 strong and allowing you to make some money, why milk your own people?

USD $100 and more a night for 10 nights to a local who is returning from vacation? What about those who had to travel for medical reasons? Students? Returning nationals? Are you kidding me?

Things could have been worse. The economy could have been shut leaving you with no business at all.

So, why not chime in and help out? Come on! Business without humanity is what again?

Some of you are not even properly monitoring your guests under quarantine to ensure protocols are not being breached. All you are concerned about is money.

When this pandemic is over, people will remember who tried to kick us while we’re down and those who helped.

Kudos to those patriotic accommodation businesses with quarantine specials. We will remember you when this pandemic is over.

By UK Returnee

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