‘Doctor’ says “all the dumbass people live” on the countryside

By Admin. Updated 1:22 p.m. Monday, April 5, 2021, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

“All the dumbass people live” on the Windward side of St. Vincent, was one of several controversial statements made by someone in a voice note that has gone viral on social media.

Vocal analytics was done on the voice and it has emerged that it may be that of a prominent local doctor who previously made controversial remarks.

One News SVG, however, will reserve any calling of names, pending further evidence.

Some of the other inflammatory remarks made by the individual in the 2 minutes and 19 seconds long voice note, include: the calling of people from the Windward side of Vincent “dunce,” “backward,” “niggas,” “poor,” and “Country Bookies,” a term used to disparage Vincentians who live on the Windward side.

It is not clear exactly when the voice note was released or who released it but it went viral on Monday and was a rant about the Covid-19 vaccination of the government. The voice note also seemed unfinished.

The voice vote went viral days after the government released a memo that workers’ unions and other bodies have deemed controversial. The memo to public sector workers states that unvaccinated public servants will be subject to bi-weekly Covid-19 testing.

The individual in the voice vote lamented that Vincentians need to stand up and that the Covid-19 vaccine is “bullshit” and “it ain’t doing nothing to people”.

“Imagine it ain’t giving no proper immunization, you still getting Covid, you have to do everything the same and you run the risk of the vaccine killing yo backside. But, people don’t realize us, this fricking world boss (referring to the prime minister) wants us dead. He wish soufray (La Soufriere Volcano) could erupt and kill out people,” the individual said in the voice note.

The individual also took a jibe at Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gondalves, known as the “World Boss”.

The individual, who has a popular male voice said in the voice note that the Prime Minister kept the borders open “to kill out Vincentians” and so that “the business of his family at the airport could prosper”.

After that, he launched a scathing attack on Vincentians, living on the Windward side, where Dr. Gonsalves Unity Labour Party government has consistently held all electoral seats since 2001.

“These freaking dunciehead,’ nigga ass, country bookie people who keep voting for him, everybody on the Windward side, they can’t see, cause they too freaking dunce and poor, and that’s how the man have them. He put everything in place,” the individual said in the voice note.

You think it’s by coincidence it’s only country bookie voting for him? Why you think they does call them country bookie? Is only country bookie does vote for he and there’s a reason for it, because out there is where all the dumbass people them live. This does just piss me off yeah brother. All of them just they out there, they love the World Boss (referring to Prime Minister Gonsalves), more than they love their own people and themselves. Dawn stupid,” he added.

But, while the individual has lambasted people on the Windward side for voting for the prime minister, the prime minister and the ULP have consistently won Central Leeward on the Leeward side since 1994 and retained North Leeward in the 2020 General Elections, after losing it to the opposition New Democratic Party in 2010.

The person in the voice note said “I went out there, (referring to the Windward side) when I speak to some of the people them, the way how them people talking and thinking I said no Jesus mudda , them people here really backward ah Nah”.

“Weh you except from people who rather walk barefoot and have their shoes in their hand, rather than put on shoes? What do you expect from people like that? They still have that mentality. They still believe the more cruel the World Boss treat them, the more he love them”.

A previously viral controversial audio clip featuring a medical doctor was vocally analyzed and compared with the currently viral clip. Striking and compelling vocal similarities between both clips were revealed.

The controversial audio clip with the individual.

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