Vincentian Journalist Writes poem about La Soufriere eruptions

Written by: Ashecia Sam

April 23, 2021

Madam La Soufriere, may I talk to you please?

It is high time your increased seismic activities cease

Are you aware of the damage you have caused?

Girl it is time to take a pause

We are displaced, with little food to eat

Some are not even getting a good night sleep

Country life was the best

Now look how you have the place in one big mess

Ash blowing everywhere

I’m talking to you, can you hear?

The water supply disrupted

Since you erupted

Is your belly hurting you?

Please, what can we do?

Are you frying an egg?

Did you hurt your leg?

We care about you a lot

I hope you didn’t forgot

You’re our national treasure

And helping you is our pleasure

Please don’t erupt again

We really want your activities to end

Animals are dying in the red zone

Because in ash they are left to roam

Look what you did to agriculture

Must you be this unkind mama?

For 42 years you were a well behaved girl

Now you are destroying our little world

People’s lives and livelihoods are impacted

You know we are already dealing Covid

We are your own people

Why on us you had to blow?

If you are mad, it is not our fault

Please bring your activities to a halt

We always boast to tourists about you

Please discontinue

Is there something we can do to assist?

Please don’t treat us like this

You have us on our knees begging for aid

You’re a tadbit too much, I’m afraid

Quit making us this vulnerable

We are your dear people

We know erupting is what volcanoes do

But this is long overdue

Whatever the issue

Please let us talk this through

You can either talk to me or Professor Robertson

Or another good citizen

We have really felt your wrath

We can tell that you are distraught

You even have your beloved prime minster crying

Are you aware all this is happening?

NEMO is getting a lot of blame

Can’t you feel their pain?

Again, is there something we can do to assist?

We’ll do anything because we want you to cease and desist

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