VINLEC UPDATE: La Soufriere eruption and electricity bills

Press Release

KINGSTOWN: St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) wishes to advise customers that the initial explosive eruption at the La Soufriere Volcano has impacted the Company’s meter reading and billing processes. In keeping with the Company’s Health and Safety practices related to employee wellbeing, Meter Reading in some cycles was disrupted as a result of airborne volcanic ash and unsafe roadways in some cases. This ultimately affected the billing process which requires data from Meter Reading to be completed. Consequently, some customers will see an increase in the number of billing days on their April bills, while other customers may receive estimated bills for the month of April.

Meanwhile, in light of the ongoing activities at the La Soufriere Volcano, VINLEC wishes to advise customers that there will be a suspension of electricity bills for customers in the following areas:


• Park Hill
• South Rivers
• Chester
• Gorse
• Grand Sable
• Chile
• Georgetown
• Langley Park to Fancy

• Spring
• Coulls Hill
• Troumaca
• Rose Bank
• Rose Hall
• Petit Bordel to Richmond

Please note that VINLEC will keep customers updated on matters relating to billing and other pertinent customer issues.


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  1. I’m on at least give everybody a Little easy up every neighborhood deserves a little something just forget about it for a month for everyone because this is dramatic and traumatic for a lot of people even in all the zones.


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