“Reasonably justifiable” as it relates to a free conscience

Opinion by Anesia Richards-Baptiste.

In Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves’ letter to a coalition of churches’ response to the Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate, he cited section 9 of the Constitution on protection of freedom of conscience and said the following:  

““and except so far as that provision or, as the case may be, the thing done under the authority thereof is shown not to be reasonably justifiable in a democratic society.” [My Emphasis]. Plainly, freedom of conscience is not an absolute, abstract right or freedom of an individual which is divorced from considerations such as those which are “reasonably required” for specific public purposes (such as public health) and which are shown to be “reasonably justifiable in a democratic society.”

Below is a response, shared by Br. Nyron Medina, in a recent midweek Bible study of the Thusia Seventh day Adventist Church, responding to the above statement accordingly.



By Nyron O. Medina

Let us look more closely at what is “reasonably justifiable”, as related to a free conscience. Let us look at the real facts in essay form.

Is it reasonably justifiable to be mandated to take a medical product or lose your job or livelihood, when the mexcine does not stop you from getting infected with a particular virus for which it was made, or it does not stop you from spreading the virus and infecting others?

Is it reasonably justifiable to take the solution so that you will only get a mild sickness, and not be hospitalized, when statistics from all over the world, in heavily mexcinated countries, show that those fully mexcinated do get infected and hospitalized, and many, many have died? Also, the mexcinated are still subjected to getting the so-called variants. The mexcinations do not even deal with the variants, not even do the booster shots deal with the variants. What is reasonably justifiable about this?

Is it reasonably justifiable to violate one’s conscience to follow a mandate of a mexcine that is only in emergency use authorization? When the studies to show their long-term safety do not even exist? Does God want you to violate your conscience that has a suspicion of trouble from something you do not know, not even the government knows what is in the product?

Is it reasonably justifiable for government to mandate a drug that so many people all over the world are protesting about, since many of them have truly lost loved ones from that drug?

What is so reasonably justifiable about mandating a product that so does not work, that a third and even fourth or fifth booster shot is needed? The drug does not cause herd immunity as was claimed, and is clearly seen in nations that have been fully mexcinated, or where more than three quarters of their population has been mexcinated.

Why then is it reasonably justifiable for government to mandate such a drug, and for citizens to violate their consciences or lose their livelihoods for such a destructive drug? It is ludicrous to even think so, or for any right-thinking Prime Minister to enact such a policy in his country, upon the people that voted for him and put him in power.

Why should any person think it reasonably justifiable to violate his conscience to put the dangerous part of the corona virus that causes the sickness in his body, which is the spike proteins, when he does not have the corona virus, he is not sick and is perfectly healthy?

Why can’t it be that when the person gets the “virus”, which is proven by covid-19 sickness, that he is only then given the mexcine to “help” him? Is that not more reasonably justifiable, than infecting virus-free people with the spike protein, to stop all from getting the very spike protein from the virus, that causes the problem of the sickness, when he can still get it anyway, even though he is mexcinated?

Is this not silly and confusing indeed?

Then, they will call the sickness that results, logically, in the mexcinated, the Delta variant, and then diagnose unmexcinated people as getting the same Delta variant, to cause more confusion in people’s minds. Nothing about this is reasonably justifiable to interfere with liberty of conscience that is in the constitution of any nation, especially when a PCR test with so high a cycle threshold, above 30 to 35 cycles, that only reveals dead nucleotides, and no evidence of a live infection, is used, that gives false positive results 97 percent of the times, and this has been admitted even by the CDC.

A pandemic based upon a PCR test, that admittedly cannot prove infection, is a grave injustice to any population. But even more, when no nation has ever gotten herd immunity even by mexcinating 99 percent of its population, it is shear ignorance and folly to claim that it is reasonably justifiable for a government to coerce its people to violate their liberty of conscience, to get a claimed “herd immunity”, that no one has ever achieved, and of which no example exists anywhere.

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