ANN launches food channel

Contributed by Ashecia Sam. Updated 5:55 a.m., Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Asberth News Network (ANN) will be launching its Food Channel on Saturday December 11, to give Vincentian cooks, chefs, and caterers an opportunity to showcase their cooking skills.

CEO of ANN Asberth Williams said at the start of the pandemic, he was encouraged by one of his friends to start a food channel. Williams, who is passionate about cooking said he always posts photos of meals he prepared on his Facebook page and the photos get a lot of reactions. He said his friend pointed that out to him noting that now people are rarely going out, it is a good time to start the food channel.

“After discussion with my younger brother and Webmaster of ANN Maurice John Jr., we decided to go ahead and launch the food channel,” Williams said.

He pointed out that Vincentians love to cook and are good cooks and the channel will be used as a platform not only for them to display their skills but to promote their food businesses if they have one. He also noted that the ANN Food Channel will also aid in building the ANN brand.

Williams said anyone who has a passion for cooking and can cook is invited to come on the show. He noted that while all types of dishes will be featured on the channel, they are hoping to use as much local ingredients as possible.

Williams said he has already secured two sponsors for the show, the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) and Vincy Fresh. He noted that the sponsors will provide the cooking guests with 80 percent of the ingredients for the show.

Williams said the show will have two hosts, Nikeisha Williams and Candice Sealey. “Nikeisha was selected because she has a degree in Culinary Arts and we thought someone like her would do justice to a programme like this and Candice was selected because of her experience in hosting shows like these”, ANN CEO said.

Williams noted that the shows would be pre-recorded and premiered on ANN Facebook Page and subsequently all videos will be uploaded to ANN YouTube Channel.

Williams said Vincentians Chefs have already expressed interest in appearing on the cooking channel. “We have some of the top chefs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We have three chefs from Mustique, Lana Boo and one of the top bakers in St. Vincent”, Williams noted.

People who are desirous of appearing on the show can contact ANN at 1784-4345721 or send an email to

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