$1 Million to local fishers as Rainforest begins exports – Gonsalves

By Admin. Updated 2:14 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Photo: Invest SVG

After just a few weeks of operation, local fishers have already received over $1 million from Rainforest Seafoods, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Information Technology – Camillo Gonsalves stated on Facebook on Tuesday.

According to Mr. Gonsalves, the newly opened facility currently employs more than 70 processors.

“And they’re not yet up to full speed,” he stated in the post.

Mr. Gonsalves said he is “Encouraging all local fishers and investors to take advantage of the rapid expansions in our market for seafood. Attractive concessions are available for investors.”

“Minister Saboto S. Caesar has crafted an innovative programme with KCCU LTD to finance boats and upgrades for fisherfolk, and many other production supports are available to fishers,” Gonsalves added.

According to Invest SVG, Rainforest Seafoods SVG is taking a phased approach to the opening of its $10 million facility in Calliaqua.

“Rainforest Seafoods SVG will aim to purchase $20 million of seafood annually (within its season) from Vincentian fisherfolk; and get the ball rolling with live lobster exports to North American, European and Asian markets,” Invest SVG states.

The facility boasts features such as dedicated processing rooms (for fresh lobster, cooked lobster, fish and conch), chill room, ice room, three blast freezer rooms, frozen pack-out area and area-specific changing rooms to avoid contamination.

Additionally, Rainforest Seafoods will support capacity building among local fisherfolk; with our Government providing support (boats, fishing equipment) to enable them to take advantage of new markets for their produce, according to Invest SVG.

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