Students Engaged in Mentoring Programme

Peters-Morris making a presentation to her new cohorts

By Ashecia SamUpdated 1:11 p.m., Friday, March 20, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The Morris Mentoring Programme was officially launched on Saturday March 19, at the Paradise Inn Conference Room for its third cohort of mentees.

Founder and Coordinator of the Morris Mentoring Program Renitta Peters-Morris said the Morris Mentoring Programme started in 2019 after she delivered the featured address at the graduation ceremony for the House of Ellis Internship Programme.

She said: “I was moved to start the programme because I noticed that after I finished the address, the concerns that the students had at the time were basically what’s next, what are we going to do now that we have finished the programme.”

Peters-Morris said she recognised a gap between the internship programme and mentorship, so she decided to embark on a mentorship programme.

Peters-Morris and cohort three of the mentoring programme

She said the Morris Mentoring Programme provides a safe haven for students to comfortably express themselves.  

The Founder of the Morris Mentoring Programme said this is not done in a structured way as is done in the school and home settings because in those settings, the students are sometimes afraid to let their voices be heard.  

She said through the mentoring programme, the students also learn life-long skills.

Peters-Morris said the programme which began with only college students has now enrolled secondary school students. This year, the program has students enrolled from form two to first year in college.

Peters-Morris said they were unable to execute all that they had planned for the first and second cohorts of mentees owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, but she was able to provide guidance in subject areas, assisted the students with programme choices and helped those who had socio-economic issues. She said the assistance was provided from her personal funds and in cases where she was unable assist, she got assistance from organisations and other professionals.

She said: “For cohort three, I have incorporated a tutoring aspect and I intend to conduct several seminars and workshops.”

Peters-Morris added that the workshops and seminars will discuss topics such as mental health, personal hygiene, communication skills and strategies, the effective use of social media and the approach to exams and assignments.

The Programme Coordinator said she has received positive feedback from members of her community about the programme and some have pledged to assist with the programme. But Peters-Morris said she is still looking for tutors for various subject areas to assist the students with School Based Assessments.

Journalist Ashecia Sam sharing her story of hope and resilience to the mentees

She said: “I am always looking for people to share their time and expertise in assisting with the programme.”    

Peters-Morris is hoping that the Morris Mentoring Programme will become a national programme offering mentorship to all secondary school students and to students of all the divisions of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

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