Bequia students receive Taiwan bursaries

By Admin. Updated 11:08 a.m., Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Students on the Grenadine island of Bequia have received bursaries from the Republic of China on Taiwan.

The bursaries were handed out to the students on April 29 at a ceremony held at the Bequia Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School.

According to a release, Ambassador Peter Sha-Li LAN handed out the Taiwan Bursaries which makes up the fourth and last batch of Taiwan Bursaries scholarship 2021-2022 to the students on the Grenadines.

Ambassador Lan said today’s visit is his second visit to “this beautiful island” of Bequia.

He also pointed out that the best investment is education, that is why Taiwan would like to share the experience with SVG, the faithful friend for 41 years, a post from the embassy stated.

The ambassador and two Ministers – Curtis King and Frederick Stephenson, then handed over scholarship to school principals, and encouraged the students to keep focusing on their studies.

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