Be extremely cautious for the hurricane season – PM Gonsalves

Press release from the Agency for Public Information

June 1, marks the beginning of a very active 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season and Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is advising Vincentians to be extremely cautious and prepared.

The Prime Minister noted that with heavy amounts of ash still in the mountains, once the heavy rains starts, “it represents a danger” and “you in the path of the lahars, you have to be very conscious of that”. 

Dr Gonsalves urged Vincentians to stay informed by getting accurate information from credible sources; the Prime Minister also advised Vincentians to download the Common Alert Protocol APP which links to NEMO so the information gathered there is current and accurate. 

Dr Gonsalves noted that “we live in a region where you have to be prepared for all kinds of hazards” therefore it is important for Vincentians to secure themselves, have an emergency plan, ensure they have emergency supplies and to look out for others.

The Prime Minister asked that persons who know that they might have to go to a shelter to ensure that they know where the shelters are located and to carry with them some supplies especially medicine and personal items. 

Dr Gonsalves reiterated that it is important for NEMO to know where damage is so downloading the MyHazApp can be a convenient way to share reports on any damage done to property or infrastructure.

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