Egg price increase in SVG “inevitable” – Veterinary Officer

Press release from the Agency for Public Information: INCREASE IN THE PRICE OF EGGS INEVITABLE


The rising costs of grain on the world market along with other economic and environmental impact over the years is bringing the Poultry Industry to a standstill.

In an interview with the Agency for Public Information, Veterinary Officer Dr. Coleen Phillips said feed costs and other production costs are severely hurting Poultry farmers in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“…the price increase right now is actually crippling the farmers…for all of us it means less eggs”, Dr. Phillips said.   

Dr. Phillips said though Government would try to provide subsidies given the circumstances, it is still a case where “we would not be able to maintain the subsidies” and insisted that for farmers and the industry to remain sustainable, an increase in the price of eggs is inevitable. 

A flat of eggs is currently sold at 20 EC dollars however, Dr. Phillips noted “…for them (poultry farmers) to really make a profit they would have to sell for probably 28 dollars a flat…, there is no way the industry can remain viable if we sell at 20 dollars a flat, the farmers are not going to make it and the industry will crumble”. 

Dr. Phillips said interventions such as public awareness is one of the ways they are trying to make the consumer understand why the pending increase is necessary.

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