16-year-old GHS student to release single, advocate against bullying

By Admin. Updated 6:33 p.m., Thursday, June 9, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

A 16-year-old student of the St. Vincent Girls’ High School – GHS is set to release her first song on June 22, and use her music to advocate against bullying in schools.

According to a press release from ASK Enterprises, Ms. Ky-yah Roderiquez will release her first single, titled “Friends”, a song written by Hayden Billingy and produced, mixed and mastered by the Melisizwe Brothers through The Gold Mind Foundation music program.

Roderiquez is a vocal student at the RS Music Academy, and a member of the Agape Methodist Dramatist.

In December 2021, she performed at Steel Expressions as one of the show’s youth ambassadors.

Ky-yah Roderiguez, through her music, wants to take this opportunity to be an advocate against bullying in schools and sponsor a child who is a member of the school’s feeding program, the release further stated about the GHS singer.

As a new artist, she intends to use her talent to create a positive change in the world, hence the partnership with the Melisizewe Brothers through the Gold Mind Foundation, which has donated musical instruments to children around the world who cannot afford them, the release added.

She is the daughter of one of our playwright and dramatist Kevin and Charlene Roderiques
The Management team at AskEnterprise Inc. is currently working on other projects that are scheduled to be released this year, the release stated.

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