SVG’s flour price increase is official

By Admin. Updated 7:57 p.m., Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Local flour products. Photo: Demion McTair

The price of flour in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has increased.

The increase came into effect in June 27, 2022, after the Price Control Amendment (No.9) Order 2022 was made by the Governor-General and gazetted.

“The Schedule to the Price Control Order is amended by deleting the particulars relating to Flour,” the gazette stated.

It listed the following prices for flour:

The Ex-Factory Price is XCD $143 dollars. The maximum wholesale price per 100 pound bag for areas 1, 2, 3, and 4 is $155 dollars.

The maximum retail price per Pune for flour is $1.75 in areas one and two, while it is $1.80 per pound in areas three and four.

Before the increase, a pound of flour was sold for $1.50 in Area 1.

Area I: means areas within a radius of two miles of the court house, Kingstown.

Area II: means areas adjoining Area I extending from area I north-east to Langley Park and north-west to Keartons including all areas lying between Langley Park and Keartons.

Area III: means all areas on the mainland, other than those falling within Area I & II.

Area IV: means the Grenadines. Under the Price and Distribution of Goods Act (Cap 161), no person shall in respect of any foods for which the maximum price has been fixed, sell or buy, or agree to sell or buy, any such goods at a price greater than the maximum prices.

A digital copy of the Gazette announcing the flour price increase.

The gazetted increase now gives the country’s main supplier of flour – The East Caribbean Group of Companies – ECGC, the legal right to increase their prices in accordance with the provisions of the Order.

The ECGC had been asking for a flour price increase due to the increases in the cost of grains on the international market.

Fuel prices and the war in Ukraine, among other factors have led to global price increases in some commodities, including grains.

By Demion McTair

One News St. Vincent

One News SVG

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