St Vincent Brewery Ltd Re-energizes Vincy Mas 2022

Press release from St. Vincent Brewery Ltd.

After 2 years without Carnival in St Vincent & the Grenadines, due to the Covid pandemic, the St Vincent Brewery Ltd has made a bid to invest heavily into re-establishing Vincy Mas as the premiere cultural event.

For 2022, the Brewery has partnered with internationally renowned soca artiste and songwriter, SVG’s own Problem Child, with the song “Tun Up The Vibe” as an anthem for the season. 

As part of the theme “Tun Up the Vibe” the Brewery has ensured that it has a foothold in every aspect of Carnival in SVG.

The St Vincent Brewery Ltd  has invested close to EC$500,000/US$300,000 into Vincy Mas 2022.  

This investment of almost half million Eastern Caribbean dollars will take the form of sponsorship and support of events by Caribbean Development Corporation (CDC), as well as private and community events throughout SVG.

This is primarily under the umbrella of the Brewery’s flagship brand – the multi-award winning, Hairoun beer, which forms the cornerstone of all Vincy Mas events, making Vincy Mas 2022 a “Hairoun Carnival”.

As an advocate for Vincy Mas, the Brewery has placed high-level support behind events from the CDC with sponsorship of productions like Tings Nice Again, Royal Rumble, Mardi Gras and Soca Monarch. 

This also includes sponsorship of large-scale private events like Black Rave and Color Fete, all-inclusive and drink-inclusive events like Ciao, Dirty Sexy Soca and Carnival Xcape, new events like Overdose and DIP, old favourites like H2O, AM and Slippery When Wet, and Hairoun beer will have a strong presence on the road with FLOW and Purple Army on Carnival Monday.

The Hairoun brand also has had a presence in rural activities such as Beach Cool Down in Chateaubelair and North Windward Carnival Jouvert & Street Party.

According to Sales and Marketing Manager Lamont Medica, “As the only beer manufacturer on the island and one of the most important companies providing employment to over 200 Vincentians, whilst supplying top quality beverages, we are always extremely happy to be the official beer of Vincy Mas, our premiere festival.

In addition to being a platinum sponsor of Vincy Mas, the St Vincent Brewery Ltd has over the years made every effort to support all elements of our carnival product including, but not limited to, our rural Carnivals, Pan, Calypso, Mas, Miss SVG, Soca Monarch, Jouvert, special events by private promoters, and also street Bars, we are on the streets of Kingstown until the last truck leaves on Carnival Tuesday. These partnerships we have developed over the years and hope to continue for years to come.”

As an excellent corporate citizen, the Brewery made its annual switch from glass bottles to Hairoun beer in the can, to ensure adherence to the “No-Bottle Policy” for the season. This is an initiative that the Brewery had established and continued for over 12 years, including this year with the limited edition VIBE Party Cans, with a vibrant and colourful representation of the creative spirit of Vincy Mas.

Mr Medica also commented that “A lot of persons have been asking and wondering about two of the most exciting productions ever to hit the streets of Kingstown during Carnival, in the form of Paintopia and Guinness posse. So I promise you for 2023, as we continue our commitment to  playing our part in ensuring Vincy Mas is the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean, you will see both these bands on the streets once more.”

The Brewery would like to encourage everyone to have a safe and happy Hairoun Carnival for Vincy Mas 2022, looking forward to an even bigger and brighter Vincy Mas 2023.

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