SVGCC Agriculture students donate vegetables to less fortunate

By Admin. Updated 6:23 p.m., Thursday, July 21, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

DTVE students – Rheanna Ryan (front-left) & Mickella Williams (left-center) making a donation of vegetables to two representatives of the Thompson Home.

Students of the Agriculture Science and Entrepreneurship Programme at the Division of Technical and Vocational Education – DTVE of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College – SVGCC, have donated some of their harvest to three institutions.

According to lecturer – Michker Edwards, the students, on Thursday, July 21, handed over one harvesting crate each of cucumbers to the Lewis Punnett Home, The Mental Home, and the Thompson Home.

According to Ms. Edwards, during this semester, the students of the Agriculture Science and Entrepreneurship programme engaged in protected agriculture with the establishment of crops in two large poly tunnels that comprises of crops such as cucumbers, tomato, butternut squash and bell peppers.

They also had a nursery production of a variety of herbs, and lastly field crop production of sweet corn and sweet potatoes.

It was from the harvests of these crops that the students were able to make their donations to the institutions.

The students elaborated on the importance of not only food security but also the important of nutrition Security.

The Student-manage enterprise is an integral component of the programme as the Division of Technical and vocational Education of the SVGCC, aims to address food sustainability security and nutrition through programmes and activities within the Hospitality and Agricultural Department.

“In the upcoming semester the Agriculture and Entrepreneurship students plan to engage the Sion Hill Government school in Agriculture activities at their school compound, from planting, harvesting to a small component of value addition, themed “Neighbour Lets Grow Together” – a back yard approach to food security that would supplement their school feeding programme,” Ms. Edwards said.

The students would like to thank the general public who continue to support them on their weekly sales.

Meanwhile, students Rheanna Ryan & Mickella Williams are playing key roles in the agriculture program.

Lecturer, Ms. Edwards told One News SVG that Ms. Rheanna Ryan is responsible for sales and marketing while Ms. Mickella Williams is responsible for managing the greenhouse, and assigning tasks to the Year One students as they come in to upkeep the greenhouse.

“So, they are basically on attachment,” Ms. Edwards told One News SVG.

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