Tertiary education to have its own ministry/agency

Press release from the Agency for Public Information – API

Photo: API

An Agency or Ministry to focus mainly on Tertiary and Technical and Vocational education will soon be established with the passage of the Education (Miscellaneous Amendment) Bill in Parliament on Monday.

Minister of Education Hon. Curtis King, in presenting the Bill to Parliament, said given the broad scope of the Ministry of Education, the resources will soon prove to be inadequate to fully address the issues relating higher/tertiary learning. 

“If the Ministry of education and national reconciliation attempts to manage an exhaustive and diverse portfolio, quality quickly becomes the casualty of quantity”, King said. 

The Minister said that by the creation of an agency/ministry outside the Ministry of Education to deal with the management and administration of tertiary education “will allow for focused intervention and more efficient use of scarce resources”.

The Education (Miscellaneous Amendment) Bill 2022 is one of three Bills passed on the House of Parliament on Monday.

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