Republic Bank empowers civil society to make a difference

A Press release from the Republic Bank.

(Castries, Saint Lucia, 9 August 2022)Republic Bank (EC) Limited on Wednesday 3rd August, formally introduced its flagship Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, “The Power To Make A Difference” (PMAD) to the region.

To an online audience of hundreds of viewers and at the in person gathering at the Harbor Club, Saint Lucia, comprised of regional business leaders, civil society, NGO heads, changemakers and their PMAD CSR Advisory Council, the PMAD theme of “Enabling Sustainable Futures” was unveiled.

Chairman of Republic Bank (EC) Limited, Mr. Derwin Howell opened with the guiding values behind the CSR programme that has been in existence since 2003.

Michelle Palmer, Managing Director of RBEC presented the CSR’s differentiating factors and made a historic declaration of RBEC’s multi-million-dollar commitment to fulfilling this mandate of sustainable transformation in their East Caribbean markets, through the PMAD Platform.

Insert Clip 2: Michelle Palmer. IN (0:00) “As we…” OUT (1:47) “….in our region.”

Attendees in person and online learned of who qualifies for application for PMAD funding and the requirements expected of them from RBEC’s Marketing Specialist, Kelly Mitchell.

Republic Bank is a signatory to UN’s Principles of Responsible Banking and the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and intends to invest USD$200 million by 2025 to support actions that would help achieve major Climate Finance Goals. It has already made contributions in excess of US$300,000 on a range of projects across the East Caribbean and has partnered with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Commission to achieve sustainable development goals in the region.

RBEC’s Power To Make A Difference was met with rousing applause and great enthusiasm by all present. This CSR marks a new step and even more powerful relationship the multinational, indigenous Caribbean financial institution has with the East Caribbean.

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