Vincentians anxiously await next sitting of Parliament as ‘nipple piercing’ video surfaces

By Ashecia Sam. Updated 10:25 p.m., Friday, September 2, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Vincentians were thrown into a frenzy on Friday evening when a peculiar video of what appears to the member of Parliament for East Kingstown, Fitz Bramble, circulated on social media.

In the video, the man was having his nipple pierced and based on his facial and verbal expressions, he wasn’t handling the piercing too well.

The man was heard saying “oh ****, oh **** aaahhhhhh…” while tightening his face.

It is not clear when the video was recorded and how it got on social media.

Many Vincentians have been posting on social media about the video. While some condemned the man for the expletives and the nipple piercing, others said it is his body and he can do what he pleases with it.

But some Vincentians found this to be a hypocritical statement as the then Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade – Keisal Peters was placed under much scrutiny as Barrister at Law and Former Speaker of the House of the Assembly, Jomo Thomas accused her of bleaching her skin.

Some Vincentians have said on social media that they are anxiously awaiting the next sitting of Parliament to hear if the issue will be raised in any cross talk between members of the government and the opposition.

The next sitting of Parliament is Monday October 10, 2022.

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