1,000 acts of kindness: Miss Lotto Captures Young Vincentians’ hearts

Press release

For this year’s Miss SVG pageant, the Beauty Shows Committee has merged with the General Employees’ Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU) to launch the first ever GECCU MISS SVG Community Service Project.

Aimed at boosting community engagement and platform- building through volunteerism, contestants, including Jada Ross, are expected to conceptualize, prepare and execute activities that are in keeping with their selected themes for one week in the month of September.

Jada, who was sashed Miss Lotto in June concentrated on ‘Community Beautification’. The Prospect resident who placed her constituency of East St. George at the centre of her project entitled, ‘1000 Acts of Kindness’, launched her outreach on Monday 12th September.

According to Jada, “The idea for this project was spawned by the $1000 contribution by GECCU”. For the entire week, ‘1000 Acts of Kindness’ were displayed in five key areas: love for the development of our minds; love for the world in which we live; love for our mental and physical well-being; love for our pioneers in sports and culture; and love for Lenny.

Last Monday and Tuesday, Miss Lotto traded her heels and makeup for a pair of Crocs and garden gloves to embark on a tree-planting exercise at the four primary schools in East St. George.

The ceremonies which took place over a period of two days, saw Grades Four and Five students of the Fairhall Government School, the Calliaqua Anglican School, the Sugar Mill Academy and the Brighton Methodist School engaging in an intense environmental campaign.

During these two days, a total 250 fruit trees were planted. This exercise was made possible through partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, whose Permanent Secretary, Nerissa Gittens provided a team to assist with the tree-planting at all schools. Additionally, Mrs. Laverne Velox as well as Mrs. Janky Glass, donated the fruit trees that were planted at these primary schools.

In addition to planting trees, Jada also donated fruit trees to the staff and students of the school to encourage them to save the planet and show love to the environment.

Love for the development of our minds:

Later that week, Miss Lotto once again returned to all four schools to distribute book vouchers to the students, and tokens to the teachers. This time, she targeted students at the beginner levels to beautify their minds and aid in the enhancement of their literacy skills. “They wanted me to read more stories after my first. I guess I’m a good story teller! I enjoyed every moment I spent with the students of East St. George this week. I wish to do this more.”
This means that through Jada’s ‘1000 Acts of Kindness’ project, each student in the East St. George community in Kindergarten, Grades One and Grade Two (357 students) will receive one story book generously donated by Monica Dougan, Dr. Hughes Dougan and family, redeemable by voucher. These books will be delivered and presented to all students during the course of this week.

The Staff of these schools were also considered and presented with water bottles, bags, pens and pencils as a small token of appreciation compliments the ‘1000 Acts of Kindness’ initiative, as Jada believes that teachers play an integral role in the education of our nation’s youth and should be recognized at all times.

According to Jada, “My efforts would not be as gratifying had it not been for the welcoming attitude displayed by every student and teacher within these schools. I am beyond thankful to GECCU and the Beauty Shows Committee for the inclusion of this activity to the Miss SVG Pageant. It is also imperative for children to understand the importance of giving back to the environment and saving the trees, as they are our main source of oxygen, which is essential to our lives.”


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