Miss SVG 2022 contestant lives up to her promise

Press release: Miss Arielle Olliviere: #5 SVBL sponsored Ms SVG contestant, honors her promise to donate funds to persons with disabilities.

During the week of September 18th through 24th 2022, Miss Arielle Ollivierre, Contestant #5, sponsored by the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd (SVBL) in the upcoming Miss SVG 2022 pageant, completed her GECCU sponsored community project. The project advocated for the differently abled under the theme, “Different but able. Silently signing and striving.”

The week of activities saw a fun day at the Stubbs playing field and then sessions during the week, where students and public servants were taught simple sign language to better aid the communication process.  The general public was also given the opportunity to learn such at an exhibition held under the General Post Office’s gallery.  The week culminated for Arielle, with assistance from her sponsor and a hearing impairedemployee at OSV, installing disabled parking signs at Gitts and Randy’s supermarkets in her community. This activity was followed by the distribution of gift baskets to eight differently-abled persons in same area where the week begun.

As was promised by Miss Ollivierre, the funds raised from the fun day, would be donated to persons with disabilities. As such, on Tuesday, 4th October 2022, Arielle paid a visit to the School for Children with Special Needs and the National Society of and for Persons with Disabilities and presented gifts baskets with items purchased from the funds raised, staying true to her promise. The persons on hand from both organizations were happy for the donations made and expressed sincere gratitude.

Miss Ollivierre is elated with the execution and success that her project brought about and hopes that more activities of this nature: bringing sign language sessions to the public,  can take place to better aid the communication process for differently-abled individuals.



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