ONE NEWS SVG: PAGEANT CORNER: A history of pageantry in SVG 1951 to 2019

By Renitta Peters-Morris. Updated 2:03 p.m., Sunday, October 9, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Ms. Renitta Peters-Morris is the Pageant Coordinator, Miss Windward pageant.

Issue 1

Pamela Dopwell – Queen of Carnival (1950’s) Photo: St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Archives Facebook page.

There’s no doubt that Vincentians have a love for pageantry that runs very deep. The anticipation of a pageant often lead to fierce arguments over one`s favorite for the crown. Indeed, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines boasts a rich pageant history dating back to the first Queen of Carnival pageant in 1951 where Audrey Hazellemerged the winner and subsequently a change in the name of the pageant to Miss SVG in 1986, where Mandy Haydock was crowned the first queen. 

Historically, beauty pageants have been controversial among various facets of society. The foundation of pageants of yesteryear was based on women`s physical beauty. Fast forward to present, the landscape of pageants across the world has changed significantly. Pageants, though still heavily based on physical beauty to an extent, are now deeply focused on both “beauty and brains”. The integration of many avenues aimed athighlighting social issues is welcomed in most spheres and evident in the interview segments of most pageants worldwide. Locally, our national pageant has grown by leaps and bounds in many areas. The inclusion of the community project aspect by the Beauty Shows Committee in our national pageant must be commended as an important step in ensuring community involvement and highlighting the many social ills of our society in which major attention is needed. The rigorous training of the contestants for months is testament of the work that is needed to mold the young women. Should the contestants use the exposure pre-show and integrate such in their everyday lives, there is no doubt that they will make an impact on our society. 

Please see below list of winners of both the Queen of Carnival winners  from the period 1951- 1985 and the Miss SVG winners from 1986-2019.

Queen of Carnival

1951 Audrey Hazell

1952 Jean Isaacs

1953 Pamela Dopwell

1954 Agnes Veira

1955 Maureen Lawrence

1956 Fleur Cox

1957 Marcelle Antrobus

1958 Cecile Jardine

1959 Daphne Henry

1960 Juliette Nanton

1961 Josephine Sardine

1962 Flora Richardson

1963 Diana Bernard

1964 Stella Hadley

1965 Betty Boyea

1966 Anna Ellis

1967 Marcelle Alves

1968 Joy Bennette

1969 Norlon Baynes

1970 Erica Evans

1971 Carolyn Brisbane

1972 Pamela Hadaway

1973 Pearl King

1974 Janice Olliverre

1975 Vacita Parsons

1976 June Thorne

1977 Gaylene Collins

1978 Ingrid Mayers

1980 Cassandra Thomas

1981 Marcia – Ann Morris

1982 Charmine Theobalds

1983 Sherill Barnwell

1984 Donna Young

1985 Fay – Kathlyn Roberts

Miss SVG

1986 Mandy Haydock

1987 Nichole Hadaway

1988 Judy Charles

1989 Susan Bennett

1990 Samantha Robertson

1991 Nicole Hendrickson

1993 Wendy Bynoe

1994 Cornice Yearwood

1997 Georgian Richards

1998 Idinger Miller

1999 Kimon Baptiste

2000 Juanita Phillips

2001 Michelle Fife

2002 La Ferne Fraser

2003 Shivern Peters

2004 Javorne Williams

2005 Casynella Ollivierre

2006 Sheridan Lewis

2007 Melissa Yorke

2008 Ronique Dellimore

2009 Veronique Williams

2010 Aphesia Matthews

2011 Aviar Charles

2012 Carice Glasgow

2013 Shara George

2014 Shadeisha George

2015 Deyonte Mayers

2016 Nikianna Williams

2017 Jimelle Roberts

2018 Shellisa Nanton

2019 Sharikah Rodney

In the next issue, we will focus on interviews with pageant winners over the decades to hear their experiences and compare how much the pageant landscape has changed over the years.

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