SVG captures award at global robotics competition

Press release

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has excelled at FIRST Global Robotics Competition:

The group representing Team SVG, dubbed as “SVG Robotics”, places SVG on the map at the FIRST Global Robotics competition in Geneva, Switzerland which concluded on Sunday, October 16th.

The team’s greatest achievement at the competition was the attainment of the FIRST Global Safety Award for exemplifying safe engineering design of the robot, safe engineering practices as well as safe gameplay during the ranking matches.

At the global setting, team SVG ranked 80th out of 164 countries who attended the competition and 6th out of 12 Caribbean Countries, ranking above engineering giant countries the likes of The Netherlands, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

The team mentors, Brodlon Daniel and Deaney Gellizeau are very elated for the opportunity to nurture the students to represent their country at the multinational level and hope to further their accomplishments upon their return, to propel SVG as a pioneer for STEM and Robotics in the Caribbean.

Back story

Young people from more than 180 nations competed in the olympics-style robotics competition from October 13-16, the official First Global website says.

FIRST Global says it provides an opportunity for young people across the globe to leverage the power of technology, use their knowledge and abilities, and cooperate to collectively tackle the planet’s most pressing challenges.

According to a September 7 statement from SVG Robotics, the team selected to represent SVG at the event consists of students from both the secondary and tertiary education levels in St. Vincent.

“Our Student Team members are Jair Patrick, Daniela Duncan, Kasim McKie, Tia Gunmunro and Jeremy Abbott. The Group is headed by the Mentor Deaney Gellizeau (Teacher of Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia) and Leader Brodlon Daniel(10+ years teaching experience at St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown),” SVG Robotics stated. 

The Geneva event will mark the sixth year for FIRSTGlobal, and its first European event. Prior FIRSTGlobal Challenges were held in Washington, D.C., Mexico City, and Dubai, the organizers say.

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