Barrouallie Secondary Class of 2007 celebrates 15th anniversary

By Admin. Updated 6:52 p.m., Monday, November 21, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Some past students of the Barrouallie Secondary School, Class of 2007, held a reunion to celebrate their 15th anniversary of graduating from the school.

According to information received from Mr. James Campbell, the reunion event was held on November 19th 2022 at the New BayStones Restaurant in Buccament.

According to Mr. Campbell, the past students planned the dinner to catch up with each other.

They even received a surprise appearance from their past principal of the school.

“While at the dinner, a huge coincidence happened, their then principal Mr Glasley Lewis showed up at the same location to have dinner with his friends and family,” Mr. Campbell said.

Talk about “right place right time,” he added.

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