25-year-old leads growing auto import business based on trust

By Admin. Updated 10:00 a.m., Sunday, February 12, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Richland Park resident Mr. Glenroy Jacobs, 25, always dreamt of owning a vehicle to help his mother with transportation needs, but he didn’t know who to trust to help him accomplish that goal.

Today, after a leap of faith, he owns a vehicle and started a vehicle import business – GJ’s Auto Imports to help others who need trustworthy assistance to import vehicles.

Mr. Jacobs describes GJ’s Auto Imports as a local automotive dealership business located in the Marriaqua Valley at Richland Park. He said the business generally conducts ordering of motor vehicles along with sales of motor vehicles from Japan, USA, UK, Singapore, and other countries at the best-discounted prices to fit the clients’ pockets.

He said the objective of his business is to provide the best possible service, deals and offers for the average person while paying close attention to the quality of the vehicles we sell our customers.

In an interview with One News SVG on February 11, Mr. Jacobs shared his story.

When did you start?

It all started on January 12th, 2021.

Why did you start?

While working on the Yes Programme (YES) within the Government System where I was attached to the Ministry of Education Reprographic Unit/Grammar School as a Computer/IT Technician, my dream was to purchase a vehicle so I can help out my mom in transporting her greens and ground provisions to the market easier, rather than having to ride vans; a dream I thought was a fairy tale at the start until I then went on working with Flow SVG 2 (two) years later as a Field Service Technician. It took me about 5 years in total to be able to afford a vehicle. In 2020 that long-standing dream felt like it was all over once more when one of my brothers passed away which impacted the family drastically, I had to definitely do something since the person whom my mother would’ve called on to help her journey to catch a van was long gone.

My mother motivated me to not give up on my dream so for months I started to scroll through a popular vehicle site in Japan searching for the cheapest best condition vehicle possible which was definitely accomplished, without a doubt. A quote was requested and I was asked to create an account leading me to input my email and other details to receive the quote. With little research on the importing procedure, I was attached to a sales agent who assisted me all along the way from his employer shipping the vehicle, to me collecting the vehicle. PayPal was used for the transaction due to me not fully trusting the whole process at first but it turned out well since I was given an honest agent.

I must say it’s not easy like 1 2 3 from someone approaching you on social media claiming they’re from such and such, it could be a scam so it’s not something I would really advise individuals to do out of the blue; I consider myself lucky and not everybody would have that same luck.

After learning the whole process from searching for a vehicle to sending funds and receiving the vehicle within 3 months, a Facebook page was created months later as I figured a lot of people want vehicles but don’t trust everyone with such business. A few weeks later God granted me my first order for a church member who trusted me to make the purchase on her behalf. I was well satisfied as she got the exact vehicle she ordered through me in a new-like condition. Her happiness motivated me to keep on doing it while learning all that was to be learned about the business with help from that specific sales agent in Japan.

It’s all about the trust in any business you do, trust yourself and others will trust you.

Today I’m more proud of my achievements within the business arena and the warm support makes me really content inside out “period” to continue doing something I became passionate about.

Moving forward, my main goal is to work with clients and their budgets to fulfilling their dream of purchasing their first or a vehicle in general.

What is the scope of your services?

GJ’s Auto Imports offers vehicle imports Roro/Lolo, registration of vehicles, inspection of vehicles, number plates, foam car wash, clearing from Customs, ordering of genuine vehicle keys, steam cleaning, and vehicle detailing interior/exterior.

Mr. Jacobs says his plan is to become the number one chosen dealership for all vehicle imports, sales, parts, and sales of tires, among other services.

What do you bring that’s different or beneficial to customers?

  • Multiple Services
  • Customization on specific vehicles
  • The best discounts
  • Faster shipments
  • A whole varity of high quality vehicles for less
  • Gender Equality
  • Class Equality
  • Different vehicle accessories/products
  • Direct contact to Suppliers if requested by a client
  • Unbeatable vehicle prices on land
  • Reliable purchase advise to benefit clients interest
  • Working towards starting a Charity Trust Fund with a percentage of the service charge we acquire on each vehicle.

Where do you see the business in the near future?

Within the next five (5) years we intend to become the number one chosen dealership for all vehicle imports, sales, parts, and sales of tires, among other services. With continued support from the public, we will definitely achieve that milestone. We are also calling on local interested investors and financial institutions to come on board and give us the opportunity to provide more vehicles at the lowest prices possible, keeping the new Customs rates in mind. In addition, the new rates might not be beneficial to all classes, therefore a revision in the loan aspect to accommodate persons; for example some hotel workers who work for just over $1,000 XCD and are seeking to get loans to purchase a vehicle.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

The road might seem tough at the intersection but trust me don’t give up, don’t give up once you make the right turn into your correct lane all will definitely be well; don’t try to overtake because one individual might be doing something better than you. Stay focused and maintain that same speed until it’s your time to change that gear and move forward one mile faster. Keep praying for health and strength to see your business become successful.

How can people contact you?

GJ’s Auto Imports can be contacted by Cell/Whatsapp: 492-2859, Facebook: GJ’s Auto Imports or by Email: glenroy.jacobs14@hotmail.com

Favourite Quote: “Faith and honesty will carry you through.” Kentish Jacobs

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. KJV

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