Does BRAGSA need to pay more attention to repairing State buildings?

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer.

Both photos depict the walkway under the Kingstown General Post Office located on the ground floor of the Ministerial Building

It is no secret that the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority – BRAGSA has been doing a lot of work to repair roads across the country.

Each year since its existence, BRAGSA has also done work to repair schools, clinics, hospitals, police stations, and government buildings.

Two developments this week, however, raise questions about BRAGSA’s strategy and its work plan for tracking the repairs of government buildings.

Classes at the JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School have been put on hold due to a failing sewage system. The school began operations at its location in Edinboro in the 2009/2010 academic year. Does BRAGSA have a monitoring plan in place to track when certain facilities would be in need of repairs?

Do they use predictive and preventive maintenance sheets or other monitoring measures?

Another site, which appears to have a disaster waiting to happen, is the Kingstown General Post Office walkway where the termite-affected ceiling appears to be on the verge of caving in. Hundreds of individuals, including schoolchildren and people who check their mailboxes, traverse the area on a daily basis.

Does BRAGSA have a pest control desk, department, or office to conduct scheduled and routine spraying of certain government buildings in order to protect taxpayers’ investments?

Does BRAGSA have a monitoring team that engages in preventative maintenance or do they simply wait for something to go wrong before they address it?

The public will like answers.

By Concerned citizen.

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