Central Leeward places 3rd in National French Spelling Bee without French classes

By Admin. Updated 7:55 p.m., Monday, March 20, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The Central Leeward Secondary School (also known as Barrouallie Secondary) placed 3rd in the inaugural National French Spelling Bee Competition even though the school does not offer French classes.

The St. Vincent Grammar School – SVGS organized the competition and invited several schools to submit names of second-form students to take part in the competition.

The St. Vincent Grammar School took the second place in the competition while the St. Vincent Girls’ High School – GHS took the top position.

At the event held today (March 20) at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall, competitors from Central Leeward Secondary CLSS – Amonique Stapleton and Anthony Barbour were tied with SVGS and GHS in the first round of the competition.

In the second round, however, where the supplementary list was done, the CLSS competitors fell short.

Members of staff at Central Leeward Secondary School say they are “totally satisfied with the 3rd place” especially given the fact that the school does not offer French courses.

A Spanish Spelling Bee Competition was also held.

Preparation of Central Leeward Students without French Courses

Updated: A teacher at the school said the students used a combination of two factors to prepare.

The teacher said the students used Google.com and also benefitted from a Spanish teacher at the school who also knows French.

That Spanish teacher – Ms. Jasmin Chambers dedicated her time and effort during the period toward the students’ preparation.

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