Technical College student wins 2023 Miss Easterval title

By Admin. Updated 10:45 a.m., and 11:51 Monday, April 9, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Miss Kewanna Hackshaw – Miss Easterval 2023. Photo: National Lotteries Authority.

A student of the Technical and Vocational Division of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College has won the 2023 Miss Easterval title.

Miss Kewanna Hackshaw, 18, outshined four (4) other beauties from three (3) Caribbean countries to win Miss Easterval pageant held at Ashton Hardcourt in Union Island.

The delegate from the British Virgin Islands – J’Nae Demming did not compete, contrary to what was advertised earlier by the organizers.

Ms. Hackshaw also captured Miss Photogenic, Best Swim Wear, and Best Evening Wear.

“It has been 15 years since Union Island won the pageant, so the whole island is proud,” Hackshaw told One News SVG.

Hackshaw told One News SVG today that “during the preparation for the pagent it was a shuffle with school as well as my daily life.”

“As it is my first pageant I did my best to show that there are wonders throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines and that we have much to offer,” the Architecture and Building Construction finalizing student said.

The first Runner up went to Barbados’ Simone Williams while 2nd Runner up was taken by St. Lucia’s Mahalia Charles.

The participants in the pageant dubbed “A Night of Elegance and exquisite taste” included Kishona Alexander – Miss Grenada, Mahalia Charles – Miss St. Lucia, Ofiesha Samuel – Miss St.Vincent, Simone Williams – Miss Barbados, and Kewanna Hackshaw – Miss Union Island.

Ms.Congeniality went to Grenada’s Kishona Alexander, Ms. Photogenic went to Union Island’s Kewanna Hackshaw, Best Cultural Wear went to Barbados’ Simone Williams, Best Swim Wear went to Union Island’s Kewanna Hackshaw, Best Talent went to Barbados’ Simone Williams, Best evening wear went to Union Island’s Kewanna Hackshaw and Best interview went to Barbados’ Simone Williams.

The Miss Easterval pageant is part of activities to celebrate Easter in Union Island in the Southern Grenadines.

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