Department of Culture FB page apologizes for posting inaccurate Royal Caribbean recruitment poster

By Admin. Updated 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 21, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The Facebook page of the Department of Culture has posted an apology to the public over poster promoting a Royal Caribbean Cruises – Mampa Agency recruitment/job fair for June 2023.

The post that was made on Wednesday was shared by many people and was also published by some members of the media who trust information published by the Department of Culture and other government departments.

In a post today, the Department of Culture’s Facebook page said: “We will also like to extend our apologies to our followers and other members of the public for any inconvenience we have caused you.”

The apology came after that of another media house who had shared the information.

The Department of Culture’s Facebook page is known to be a highly credible source of information being disseminated by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, specifically the Department of Culture.

Facebook posts, tweets, and other social media postings made by official accounts of government t departments, non-profit organizations, and reputable firms can be used in or as news stories.

This is a practice used by reputable international media houses as well.

These agencies and the media, however, are not immune to human errors.

Incidents such as these should only strengthen trust between the media and such organizations as both sides should deepen partnerships to bolster the delivery of information.

In this vein, One News SVG also apologizes to our audience for the sharing of the poster and recommits to stronger information literacy goals in the processing of information even from highly credible sources.


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