Vincentian receives Royal Distinction from Dutch Monarch

Press release

True to tradition, on the eve of the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands (Holland), citizens who have made a profound impact on their community are honored.

Ms Claudia Browne, a Vincentian residing in The Netherlands, was one this year’s citizens who became a member in the order of Oranje-Nassau on April 26th, 2023.

Claudia Browne was lauded for her dedication to her job as a secondary school teacher for 41 years in Winschoten and Stadskanaal.

Ms Browne’s teaching career started fifty years ago in Curaçao and continued for over forty years in The Netherlands. She taught English and Dutch at secondary school level.

Ms Cora-Yfke Sikkema, Mayor of the municipality of Oldambt commemorated that she showed a high level of dedication to her Dutch pupils, she inspired and motivated them in many ways.

Claudia is the daughter of the late Weston Isaac Browne and the late Helaire(Eve) Edwards-Browne who were residents of Prospect in SVG.

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