Georgetown Smart Hospital. Photo: Lance Neverson

St. Vincent: Automatic 14-day Quarantine In Effect

Kingstown (One News St. Vincent) – All persons who arrive from certain countries to St. Vincent and the Grenadines will now be subject to an automatic 14-day quarantine, Prime Minister Gonsalves said Wednesday in a national address.

The countries are China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, USA, the United Kingdom and other member countries of the European Union (EU) including the overseas departments of France and Canada.

Such persons will be automatically quarantined at their own expense for 14-days – Gonsalves added.

Any person arriving from the list of countries with symptoms of Covid-19 will be isolated privately or in a public facility and tested.

“Relevant medical protocols will further apply depending on the outcome of the tests, but in any event, the isolation will be for at least 14-days – Gonsalves said.

Dr. Gonsalves outlined several measures his government is taking to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and its resultant public health, social and economic fall-outs.

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