Another crisis looms over SVG: Water Shortages

By Demion McTair Updated 5:50 p.m., Sunday, 5 April 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)

Kingstown (ON SVG) – As the dry season intensifies, more communities are facing water woes.

Residents of Green Hill have told One News SVG that they have been without pipe borne water for two days and that the Central Water and Sewage Authority (CWSA) has had to truck water into the community for distribution.

The CWSA Posted Sunday, images of the Majorca River Bed where it said it has not reached “…100% extraction of water”.

The Majorca River Bed. Photo: CWSA/SWMU

The water shortages strike at a time when the country grapples with new Covid-19 cases and water is an essential tool in the fight against the spread of the virus.

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