Understanding the Different Covid-19 Case Titles

BDemion McTair. Updated 7:47 p.m., Tuesday, 21 April 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)

DISCUSSION: From Imported case to Local case, you may have heard several titles being used to classify and report Covid-19 results, but what do the different titles mean?

In this article, we list the different classifications used and hear from the experts what they mean.

So, firstly, what are the different titles?

Most classifications are common. You would hear there is an imported case, an import-related case or a local case. There are, however, some other intermediate and hybrid classifications used.

For instance, the Ministry of Health in Jamaica has used the following classifications to report its Covid-19 cases. They are;

  •  Imported cases;
  • Cases that are import-related;
  • Local transmission with no epidemiological link;
  • Cases that are contacts of cases not epidemiologically linked; and
  • Cases under investigation.

According to the Caribbean Public Health Agency – CARPHA, some of the common definitions include; Imported case, Secondary case and Community Spread.

The following graphic explains each:

Here is a VIDEO with a CARPHA official explaining the types:

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