One person badly burnt in Union Island gas station explosion

By Demion McTair. Posted 8:19 p.m., Updated 8:32 p.m., Tuesday May 19, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Union Island, The Grenadines (ONE NEWS SVG) – At least one person has suffered burns as a petrol station on Union Island went up in flames this evening (May 19), sources have told One News SVG.

One source said a female who was near the petrol station at Clifton harbor (called front road or main street), suffered burns.

The petrol station is within very close proximity to the well-known Lambi’s Guest House and several other commercial properties.

Radio Grenadines, in a live report also said one person was “badly burnt” and that all their clothes came off.

A Radio Grenadines reporter said he was in the vicinity of the petrol station when he felt a heavy tump.

“It felt like an earthquake”, he said of the explosion.

The explosion is reported to have occured at around 6:55 p.m.

One News SVG will bring you updates.

Meanwhile, new information coming to hand from a trusted source on the island says that at least four persons have suffered burns, including an individual who was operating the petrol station at the time of the incident.

The source says that the operator suffered the worst of burns and “three other individuals”.

An official police report on the incident is expected soon.

UPDATE: View official police report HERE

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