A daughter’s dream made her father rich

By Demion McTair. Updated 5:45 p.m., Tuesday, June 9, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Feature: Many daughters have big dreams for their parents.

Some hope to get a dream trip around the world for their parents, while others may hope to build their parents a mansion for their hard work and investments over the years.

But, for Jolene Baptiste, 28, her dream of fortune for her parents came from her grandmother.

Baptiste said Tuesday (June 9), she dreamt the winning numbers for the historic one million, six hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars Lotto Jackpot in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on May 23.

“Saturday morning, the 23rd (of May), like around after 11 in the morning, I was having a dream in my grandmother’s house at Sandy Bay, which is my Dad’s mom. She was talking to me about moving back home and stuff like that and then she told me she was going to sleep and I must lock up when I’m finished. So, I went outside. I was watching TV and the game was playing, it was showing on the TV” – Baptiste said at a winners’ cheques handing over ceremony held by the National Lotteries Authority on June 9.

“So, while I was there sitting, the numbers called and I’m like, okay, let me write these down, in my sleep right”, Baptiste further described the dream.

She said when she woke up from her dream, she contacted her father to play the numbers in the Tuesday draw and he did. But, the numbers weren’t called.

From Left: Mr. Joseph Ballantyne – Jackpot winner, and his daughter Jollene Baptiste who said she dreamt the winning numbers on May 23rd.

She had a scare on Friday, when she saw that the numbers had played and her father was not sure if he had sent to buy the ticket. But, it was all joy when it was discovered that he did.

Baptiste said her father deserves the win because he worked hard over the years taking care of the family.

Her father, Joseph Ballantyne, the Lotto Jackpot winner, who was emotional while speaking at Tuesday’s ceremony, thanked his daughter for her gift.

Ballantyne, is a Sandy Bay resident.

See video with Baptiste’s full statements here:

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