‘Female Layou Robber’ turns out to be a man

By Admin. Updated 10:34 p.m., Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Photo of Oranson Garraway of Layou. Photo: SEARCHLIGHT Newspaper.

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – Three men were robbed at Layou, one in March and two in May by a mysterious person portraying to be a female named Alicia.

Weeks later, reports have emerged which indicate that ‘Alicia’ is Oranson Garraway of Layou.

Garraway, who reportedly lured his victims to meet him, tried doing the same thing again. But, this time, he was not so lucky.

One of the persons he attempted to rob at Layou on June 17, escaped and alerted police.

Garraway was charged and his sentencing on charges of possession of a firearm, possession of one 12-gauge ammunition, and unlawful assault, occurred yesterday, June 22, at the Serious Offences Court (SOC), SEARCHLIGHT Newspaper reported.

On Friday, June 19, Garraway was also charged that he did on March 10, being armed with a shotgun, robbed Kenniel Neptune of Richland Park of a Samsung s10, and on May 2, being armed with a gun, did rob Mario Baptiste of Campden Park of Samsung Galaxy s6 and a wallet, and Delanto Lewis of Campden Park of a BLU studio 5.5 cellular phone, the Searchlight report continued.

All of these offences allegedly occurred in Layou.

The complainants reported that prior to being robbed, they made plans with a female who identified herself as “Alicia” to meet at the Layou Playing Field where they were eventually robbed.

SEARCHLIGHT Newspaper has the full story.

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