Opinion: Arrogant Adriana and Pompous Phillip

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer.

By: Watchful eye

Dear Editor,

I was extremely shocked to hear that Adriana King is putting up herself as a candidate for the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), in the next general election.

I was not surprised, however, when I heard that Phillip Jackson was contesting, but I felt sorry for him because his very attitude will be is downfall.

Though well-trained, neither individuals are likable.

Adriana, a Language and Communication trained person, perhaps gave no thought to her image leading up to her intended candidacy.

On social media, she has communicated herself as an angry, restless, Ralph-hating person filled with venom, who accosts people who express political opinions different to hers.

In Vincentian politics, you have to be witty, yes. But, you also must be charismatic.

If it is true that she hopes to run against Camillo Gonsalves, the prime minister’s son (in a seat that has always been a labour fortress) and actually win, then that shows how arrogant, delusional and out of touch she really is, politically.

But, if she becomes the candidate, the good ‘cut baxide’ at the polls, when she gets it might restore some sense in her head.

As for Phillip, the good side about him is that he is an innovator. He is less arrogant than Adriana, but still pompous and equally not charismatic.

Jimmy Prince will bad beat him at the polls and Jimmy won’t even need to use his already shinning track record as a representative in touch with the people as a tool to do so.

From all reports, Phillip’s very own church people say “he does not talk to people” (meaning he is not friendly).

His story seems like the typical self-aggrandizing “boost myself and force myself in and people should accept me because I groomed myself over the years”.

No, that is only half of the requirement, when it comes to competitive politics. If you want to represent people, you have to be likable too.

Both individuals do have talent but it is a pity they lack charisma.

They need to go back to the drawing board and prepare themselves properly by getting intimately in touch with the audiences they wish to represent.

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