Health Ministry reveals origin of 6 new COVID-19 cases

(Press Release) – St. Vincent and the Grenadines today recorded six (6) new COVID-19 cases, following the receipt of PCR results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency – CARPHA this evening. Results are reported following a two-step verification process which includes both the CARPHA Public Health Lab and the local Molecular Laboratory Unit.

The new positive cases are returning residents who arrived here on the AA 945 flight on Saturday, July 11th with one hundred and fifty-five (155) passengers. These new positive cases will now commence a fourteen (14) day isolation period. Sixty-nine (69) other passengers who were in close contact on board the flight with the new positive cases, will be required to quarantine for fourteen (14) days.

The other one hundred and forty-nine (149) passengers who arrived on the flight had negative results either having brought these results with them, or receiving negative results for COVID-19 PCR tests, done on arrival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Some passengers, regardless of PCR result test have been assessed as being high risk for COVID-19 and will continue in mandatory quarantine for a period of fourteen (14) days. A second COVID-19 PCR test may be conducted on all contacts and other high risk passengers during the five to seven day period following arrival.

The Health Services Sub-Committee of the National Emergency Committee urges all Vincentians to remain vigilant, comply with quarantine and isolation orders and all of the recommendations issued relative to COVID-19, including those for the conduct of mass gatherings .

The public is reminded that persons are placed in quarantine for stipulated periods because of their ongoing risk of being COVID-19 positive, despite having a previous negative COVID-19 result.

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