BeamX, new transportation service in SVG

By Admin

What is BeamX?

BeamX is a modern transportation service offered through an app. This affordable and convenient 24/7 service allows users to book a car that meets you at your location and will carry you to the destination of your choice. Users can use the service alone or share with friends as bookings are not limited to one passenger nor does the price increase based on the number of passengers (passengers cannot exceed insured limit). The app can be easily found in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

How did this idea come up?

While away at university we utilized ride-share services a lot as it was convenient to allow us to do essential things like grocery shopping, to get to the airport and it was easier to use than public transportation and less costly than hiring someone to carry us. We also used it for nonessential things like going for food in the night, going to ‘lime’ and partying. We realized that this service could be beneficial to the citizens of SVG as well. Because of the issues with public transportation we realized this service could revolutionize transportation. Think about it, the discomfort of standing at a bus stop for hours just to get home or to your location can be very tiring and frustrating. You’re finishing work after 8hrs or overtime and you are extremely tired, the chances of going to a bus stop and getting a minibus as soon as you get there is small, so this is where BeamX comes in with the solution.

What are our hopes for this service?

We hope that this service can result in a new style of transportation for Vincentians, whether going to work or to a friend’s house or to a party, at whatever time of the day BeamX can take you there!

The use of this service can also result in an increased patronage to bars, parties, etc. as BeamX offers a way for ‘limers’ and partygoers to get to late night outings and back home safely and with ease. As with the recent lift of the Covid-19 ban, restaurants, bars and clubs have gone back normal operations. There are people who would want to go out but do not have transportation or they do take a chance to go out hoping to get a ride back home. Sometimes when driving late at night, we see people stranded on the street with no transportation to take them home. With BeamX, they all can pool together their money and take a ride together (taking into consideration the seating capacity).

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